Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. manufactures and distributes a full range of Titanium Products. Our efforts are concentrated in two areas which are Titanium Fabrication and Serial Manufacturing and the sale and distribution of Titanium Profiles from production. In addition to this we have a large supply of Surplus Titanium which can be delivered from stock here in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Titanium Fabrication and Serial Manufacturing

Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. can accomplish almost any Titanium fabrication task, regardless of the complexity. We have a number of talented Titanium specialists on our payroll. Additionally, we design and produce most of our tooling. The net result of this is that our company is capable of taking a project from the idea, to the prototype, and on to production, in house, and thus very cost effectively. This makes life much simpler for all concerned. When it comes to finishing operations, we are able to apply a number of exotic coatings to our goods. These include anodized coverings, Titanium Nitride and Diamond coatings, where required, to enhance appearance, friction characteristics and durability of the item. As to testing, we have expanded capabilities in this area as well. Our facilities, normally producing goods for the aerospace community, have all modern ultrasonic, magnetic, and X-Ray evaluation equipment in house. Thus, components requiring certain minimum structural parameters can be tested thoroughly to assure there are no hidden defects that can contribute to premature failure in the field.

Titanium Profiles

Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. supplies Titanium profiles in any imaginable size, shape or form. These include Wire, Plate, Sheet, Bar, Billet and Tubings - both welded and seamless. We are interested in quoting on any materials in which the quantities justify ocean freight delivery from our European manufacturing facilities. For other requirements and deliveries from stock please see surplus Titanium.

.Surplus Titanium

Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. maintains a large stock of surplus Titanium goods in our warehouse located in Virginia Beach, Va. U.S.A.. These materials include Titanium Sheets of sizes from 0.3 mm (0.012") through 4 mm (0.157"), Titanium Tubings of size 50 mm (2") x 2 mm (0.080"), Titanium Welding Wire sized 1.6 (0.063") and 2 mm (0.080"), and a large assortment of Titanium rods of various alloy composition. View the current inventory list of Sheets in your browser.



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