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Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc is heavily involved in many areas of the Tungsten Carbide industry. We reclaim up to 100 Metric Tons of Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide containing scraps monthly. Much of this material is passed to our customers directly in the form of ready to process scraps. But, a significant quantity is consumed in our own operations. These operations can be divided into three specific areas. They are WC Scraps, Crushed WC Materials for use in the hardfacing industry and sintered shapes production and the production of Sintered Shapes for use in the production of tooling, etc. Also, please view our liquidation page of Surplus WC Tooling Inserts.

WC Scraps

Material Specialties Scandinavia reclaims up to 100 metric tons of Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide containing materials monthly. These materials are reclaimed directly from our customers. We also buy Tungsten Carbide scrap materials from outside sources. This material is reprocessed into several different categories. These groups include Tailings, or grinding residues containing up to 78% Tungsten, by weight; Straight Grade Tungsten scraps containing Tungsten Carbide and Cobalt (3 - 20%) and Mixed Inserts containing TiC (Titanium Carbide) and TaC (Tantalium Carbide). This material is available, depending on current stock levels, shipped from our reprocessing and distribution facilities located in Virginia Beach, VA, USA and St. Petersburg, Russia. For information on stock availability, to solicite a bid for Tungsten Carbide scrap materials your company is interesting in liquidating, or to discuss unique needs your company may have, please contact Purchasing at our Virginia Beach, VA office.

Crushed WC materials

Material Specialties Scandinavia performs crushing and sizing operations so as to produce a wide range of straight grade Tungsten Carbide materials for use in the hardfacing industry and powder metallurgy. Much of the finer powdered material, down to 1 micron particle size, is suitable for application in the production of relatively low modulus sintered WC shapes, which our company is capable of producing.

Much of our coarse crushed material is produced under exclusive contract, and made to exacting requirements. Thus, certain grades of this material may not be available for direct sales. However, these restrictions do not typically apply to powdered products. Thus, if your company is in need of specialized Tungsten Carbide materials, please contact Sales at our Virginia Beach, VA office with your requirements.

Sintered Shapes Production

Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. is the manufacturer of Sintered Tungsten Carbide shapes. We utilize HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) methods and Vacuum Sintering to obtain carbides of the highest possible quality. Our manufacturing facilities are located in St Petersburg, Russia where we can take advantage of a highly skilled workforce and reduced materials/production cost. Articles can be produced using customer supplied ready to press powders, to exact American/European standards, or alternately, depending on requirements, using Russian ready to press powders for decreased cost. Also, we are capable of producing relatively low modulus articles at greatly reduced cost, for less demanding technical applications, from reprocessed powders.

Our company is capable of taking the design of any Sintered Carbide profile from a drawing and statement of the required operating characteristics through the entire production process. This includes all engineering evaluations and tooling fabrication up to, and including, serial production. So, if your company is in need of Tungsten Carbide tooling you have come to the right place. Please contact Sales with your specifics for more detailed information.


For complete specifications and pricing data please contact Sales +1 (757) 546-7007 or fax +1(757) 546-0371.