Titanium Tools

Material Specialties Scandinavia, Inc. produces an ever expanding line of Titanium Tool products for general purpose application. Titanium metal is especially well suited for applications in corrosive environments such as encountered in marine applications, such as SCUBA diving and off shore maintenance activities. Additionally, due to the extremely high strength to weight ratio of Titanium, it is popular in police and security applications, with firefighters, and any other area where weight savings are a special consideration.

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Titanium 21 Inch Crowbar

This 21 inch bar is designed for use in all light, to medium duty, prying and wrecking applications. This tool is ultra-light weight, weighing less than 40% of a comparable Steel bar. This characteristic will greatly reduce the work load on the user, especially when working overhead. These advantages are made possible by utilizing Titanium, which has one of the best structural strength to weight ratios of any metal. Typically, unalloyed Titanium is 40% lighter than steel and 10x stronger than Aluminum. Despite it's light weight, this forged Titanium bar is actually stronger than your standard Steel bar. Additionally, this Titanium tool is absolutely impervious to the elements. This especially includes the highly corrosive marine environment. It will never rust, corrode or discolor in any way. It is non-magnetic and non-sparking, making it more suitable for use around sensitive electronic equipment and flammable fluids than a Steel bar. The design of this bar is ideal to provide the maximum leverage for removing nails, or other prying operations. Weight: 0.6 Kg or 1.32 Lbs. Cost: $89.95. Also available in a longer 28 inch version for $109.95.

Titanium 15 Inch Prybar

Properties similar to 21 inch crowbar, shown above. Weight: 0.184 Kg or 6.5 Oz. Cost: Out of Stock

Titanium Large Grain Shovel

Mechanical properties similar to above. Handle not included. Cost: Out of Stock

Titanium Standard Square Tipped Shovel

Mechanical properties similar to above. Handle not included. Cost: Out of Stock

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